Chopper Pumps

The CHOPX Chopper Series complements this full range of Solids Handling Pumps. Featuring the unique, high-efficiency anti-fouling chopping impeller, simultaneously chopping and pumping the most difficult solids, eliminating the need for grinders & comminutors.

Hayward Gordon CHOPX Series Chopper Pumps


CHOPX Series Chopper Pumps perform the dual function of cutting and pumping making them ideally suited for applications requiring reduction of solids size and/or protection of downstream equipment.

The proven clamp-type construction, common to all Hayward Gordon centrifugal solids handling pumps, permits the entire wet-end to be manufactured in wear-resistant hard metals to insure maximum component life in abrasive services.


  • Dual Function
  • Solids Reduction & Blending
  • Anti-Fouling Design
  • High Efficiency
  • Abrasion Resistant Construction
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials

Options & Accessories

Recirculating Nozzles
Where floating or settled solids need to be mixed before pump-out from
a pit, a recirculating valve and nozzle assembly can be added to several of the vertical wet-pit and submersible chopper pump configurations. Within digesters, vertical chopper pumps with recirculating nozzles are used to break up scum blankets to improve digester performance. Nozzle head positions can be manually or automatically adjusted from outside the tank. Assemblies supplied with diverter valves can operate with full, partial, or no recirculation.

Control Panels & Float Switches
Custom controls can be supplied to accommodate various operational requirements. Options include liquid level control, duplex pump controls, and variable frequency drives. A range of alarms, indicators, and mercury float switches is also available for monitoring such things as high temperature, low oil, seal leakage, and liquid level.

Drive Configurations

A variety of drive configurations can be established to suit a range of industry requirements.

Vertical Configuration
Horizontal Configuration

Typical Applications

  • Waste Treatment
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Food Processing & Rendering
  • Miscellaneous eg. Plastics/ Paint Sludges


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