AccuFAS® Submerged Fixed-Film

Tank Enviro Systems supplies the Brentwood-engineered AccuFAS Submerged Fixed-Film System

AccuFAS Submerged Fixed-Film

It adds a fixed-growth surface for biomass to provide enhanced biological treatment and increase plant treatment capacity for municipal and industrial wastewater.

Composed of Brentwood’s structured-sheet, fixed-film media, AccuFAS was developed to optimize airflow and mixing while maximizing contact between the waste stream and biomass. Unlike moving bed systems, AccuFAS resists plugging, will not wash out and has zero impact on a plant’s hydraulic profile. Brentwood’s process engineers capitalize on experience with numerous treatment processes and the inherent flexibility of AccuFAS to customize a submerged fixed-film system for each application. Learn more about our applications, system components, and installations to see if AccuFAS is the right solution for your wastewater needs.


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