Scum Removal

Tank Enviro Systems supplies the market leading range of Brentwood Scum Remover products.

The removal of scum during clarification is an essential step to decrease organic loadings and scum buildup in subsequent treatment processes. Brentwood’s rotating scum troughs and skimmers efficiently remove all grease, scum and floating material from the water surface in rectangular clarifiers and settling basins. Engineered for both corrosion-resistance and strength, Brentwood’s scum removal systems are available in non-metallic or metallic designs.

Power Skimmers

A power skimmer is a 2 or 3-shaft chain and flight system designed to remove grease, scum and other floating materials from the surface. Similar to 2, 3, and 4-shaft sludge collector systems, the power skimmer is operated by a gear motor, which translates rotation to collector sprockets to drive the chain and flight system. Flights transfer the scum up a beach plate through a scraping action and discharge it into a sloped trough. Power skimmers are standardly equipped with non- metallic components.


  • Furnished with standard Polychem chain and flight components.
  • Can accommodate large variations in water level.
  • De-watering prior to scum discharge reduces waste volume for processing.
  • Replacement wiper blades available upon request.


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