Tube Settler Systems

Tank Enviro Systems supplies the market leading range of Brentwood Tube Settler System products.

Tube Settler IFR 6041

Tube settler systems are an inexpensive solution for drinking water and wastewater plants to increase treatment capacity, reduce new installation footprints, improve effluent water quality, and decrease operating costs. Constructed of lightweight PVC, tube settler modules can be easily supported with minimal structures that often incorporate effluent troughs and baffles. Modules are available in a variety of sizes to fit any tank geometry and tube lengths to accommodate a wide range of flows. With years’ of experience and extensive knowledge of the water treatment process, Tank Enviro Systems can provide full process design for economically packaged systems.

AccuGrid Surface Grating Applications

AccuGrid panels are designed to support foot traffic when placed directly over trickling filter media or adequately supported tube settlers and are ideal for service walkways. The 2×2-inch grid pattern is sufficiently durable to act as a dampening system for hydraulic impact. These panels are moulded of corrosion-resistant polypropylene or filled HDPE for superior strength and maximum service life.



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