Stainless Steel Sedimentation Tank Chain

Tank Enviro Systems supplies Stainless Steel SAV 715 and 709 Sedimentation Tank Chains

SAV 715 SS Stainless Steel Chain

SAV 715 Chain, the first stainless steel curved sidebar chain equivalent. Lightweight yet with a higher strength to weight ratio than cast chain, fabricated of 403 stainless steel and has been proven superior for the high load applications with readily available common attachment link designs. The SAV 715 is the result of brilliant design and the application of unique metals technology providing a collector chain of unmatched service life and a wide range application potential.

With the same design as the SAV 715, the SAV 709 chain also has the ability to run on standard 720 series sprockets. The chain can be used with fibreglass or wooden flights. Tank Enviro Systems also has access to a variety of Environmental Steel Sedimentation Tank Chain.


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