TransDrive Cast Sprocket

Tank Enviro Systems supplies TransDrive Sprockets.

Proven over many years’ of service in the Australian market, the 720S TransDrive Cast Sprockets are manufactured to the highest industrial standards.

720 Series Key Features

  • Sprocket material ductile iron, providing excellent abrasion resistance and wear life.
  • 720 series sprockets have chain saver design. The sprockets have a flange either side of the teeth, this contacts the chain sidebars and maintains the chain pin on the true pitch line of the sprocket. This feature greatly improves chain life.
  • The split design of these sprockets provides for easier assembly.
  • 720 Series … 720 CAST 19 T, 720 CAST 23 T, 720 CAST 25 T
  • H78 Series … H78 CAST 40T CAST STRAIGHT, H78 CAST 40T CAST 2.5” OFFSET, H78 CAST 40T CAST 6.25” OFFSET


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